Tiger Shark Feeding Frenzy Filmed By Drone: Scary

A tiger shark feeding frenzy is probably the most terrifying thing a drone can capture, but this is exactly what happened when Geraldton-based Eco Abrolhos Cruises sent up a drone to record two boatloads of tourists on a cruise to Dirk Hartog Island in Western Australia on Friday.

tiger shark

Source: YouTube

The tourists witnessed a gruesome spectacle when they came across 70 tiger sharks feeding on a dead whale. The entire thing was caught by a drone and made its way online.

In the video, it’s clear that the tiger sharks are ripping into the carcass of the dead whale, turning the blue waters of the aptly named Shark Bay to red.

The video was posted on the company’s Facebook page with the caption “Something to show and tell the grandchildren”. In a short amount of time the video went viral and gathered thousand of views.

Watch the equally awesome and brutal video below!


The passengers must’ve been pretty scared, don’t you think?