Britain’s Got Talent Sword Stunt Shocks Everyone

Prepare to be shocked just like Britain’s Got Talent judges and audience were when Alexandr Magala did his death-defying sword stunt during the first week auditions.

Magala has a history with talent shows. The native Moldovan made it to the quarter finals of America’s Got Talent in 2013 and went on to win the Russian version of the show one year later. The stuntman has a very special act: he balances chainsaws, plays with fire, but his favorite act is sword-swallowing.

Alexandr performed a shocking sword-swallowing act in front of Simon Cowell & Co. and, safe to say, everyone was blown away.

Check out Magala’s intense audition on Britain’s Got Talent!


Back-flips with a sword in his throat?! No wonder the entire audience was covering their eyes!

After risking his life for the auditions, what will he do during the next stage of the show?