How To Put A Baby To Sleep Funny Video

how to put a baby to sleep

Source: How to put a baby to sleep by How to DAD/YouTube

‘How to put a baby to sleep’ is a question that is on a lot of people’s minds, especially new parents.

Luckily, How to Dad released an instructional video on ‘How to put a baby to sleep’ and it’s pretty much the best video on the subject. Incredibly funny too.

Since putting your baby to sleep is never really easy, here are some of the suggestions to get the job done: The Sush Train, The Standard Blanket aka Blanky, which is said to work every time, Method Acting, and, of course, The ‘I’ll Go Get Your Mom’. But those are just a few. You simply have to watch all these amazing and so funny techniques.

Check out the funny video below and share your thoughts!

Oh, that ending! The Give Up? And the cute baby saying ‘See ya!’ Hilarious. Gotta love this dad and his adorable baby who just won’t go to sleep.

Last but not least, the tip toe when you’re trying so hard not to wake up the baby after he just fell asleep. Of course, that’s when you’ll step on a squeaky toy.

Have you tried any of these methods to put your baby to sleep? Has any of them worked?

If yes, which one?