What Redback Spider Did To A Worker Is Every Man’s Nightmare

Meet the redback spider, a poisonous arachnid that is a close relative of the black widow. This killer species calls Australia its home.

redback spider, spider, bite

Source: Darren Puttock/Flickr

A bite from one of these creatures is very painful and is known to also cause nausea and sweating. Thankfully, there is an anti-venom antidote. However, the pain will still appear once they bite and it is said to be excruciating.

This is exactly what happened to a construction worker in Sidney, Australia. As if the bite wasn’t painful enough, the redback spider bit the man from where it really hurts, from his genitals. Just imagining that is painful, never mind going through such a horrible experience. Poor guy!

The 21-years-old construction worker was in Sidney when the nightmare happened. He went to use the port-a-potty when the critter bit him from his penis.

He was rushed to the hospital, where doctors saved his life and member by administering a dose of anti-venom. The man was released from the hospital in stable condition.


It’s stories such as this one that make you think twice about visiting Australia, who is famous for the straight-from-nightmares creatures and insects that are bonafide killers and can inflict horrible pain if they bite you.