This Bear-Coat Shar’ Pei Is The Cutest Dog Ever

Puppies are cute. All of them. But there might be one pup that’s cuter than all of them. Meet the bear-coat shar’ pei, also known as the fluffy-coat shar’ pei, probably the most adorable pup in the whole world.

This is Norman and he is a real-life dogie. Yes, he does look like a fluffy, super cute stuffed animal. But he is real and oh, so adorable!


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Source: @normanthebear1 Instagram

Wanna see more of this cutie? Of course you do! Here are more cute photos of Norman via his Instagram.

A photo posted by Norman Smith (@normanthebear1) on


A photo posted by Norman Smith (@normanthebear1) on

He’s just like a big, fluffy bear.


Here’s another adorable bear-coat! Meet Tonkey Bear!

So. Cute.

Check out this adorable video!

Look at that cute face!