French Bulldogs Love Going To The Park-Watch Cute Video

French bulldogs are adorable. Six years-old Ganon and his two-years-old brother Loki are no exception. Just look at those little faces!

french bulldogs

Source: Rumble

So cute!

Ganon and Loki love gong to the park, which is why owner Patrick has to be very careful to not mention the “dog park” by accident because these two will go crazy with excitement.

Seriously, once they hear the magic words, these cuties get so excited, it’s crazy!

To demonstrate just how much his French bulldogs love an outing to the park, Patrick filmed them while they were in the car. The video begins with the doggies sitting calmly, staring out the window, being very relaxed. That was until he said the magic words.

Check out Ganon and Loki’s cute reaction!

All it took was for them to hear “dog park”.

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How adorable are they!