Comfort Dogs Are Helping People Affected by Orlando Shooting

It is well known that petting an animal can bring a lot of comfort and tranquility during rough times. Which is when comfort dogs come in.

To bring some joy during a very sad time, a dozen of comfort dogs, as well as therapy dogs, have been flown in Orlando in the aftermath of the Pulse nightclub shooting.

Jane Marsh-Johnson, the director of Gracie Comfort Ministry, posted on Facebook: “I am deploying to Orlando, Florida tomorrow morning with two of my handlers, Scott and Sandy. We are flying out of Chicago and will be working out of Trinity Lutheran Church in downtown Orlando.”

“We were invited by the Lutheran District to bring our message of comfort and compassion for those who are grieving loss and for those who are injured and hospitalized. I will be traveling with Katie Comfort Dog and three of her handlers”,  the message explained. 

Comfort Dogs from Illinois, Tennessee, South Carolina and Texas were flown in Orlando.

comfort dogs

Source: Gracie Comfort Dog Facebook

Gracie, one of the comfort dogs, is 5 years-old. She and 11 therapy dogs attended the +5,000 people vigil along with their handlers.

comfort dogs, orlando

The following message was posted on the Gracie Comfort Dog Facebook page on Tuesday:

We arrived in Orlando and began our visits with these lovely ladies.”

The message went on to name the sweet dogs that attended the vigilKye Comfort Dog, Ruthie Comfort Dog, Susie Comfort Dog, Sasha Comfort Dog, Katie Comfort Dog, Jacob Comfort Dog, Hannah Comfort Dog, Jewel Comfort Dog, Mahlah Comfort Dog, and Phoebe Comfort Dog.

Because the temperatures were through the roof, people offered the dogs packs of ice to keep them cool.

comfort dogs

People loved spending time with Gracie. In the photo above she was making a mom and her daughter very happy.

So cute.

comfort dogs

Such a sweet gesture. Surely these adorable fellows have brought happiness and comfort into the hearts of everyone affected by the Orlando tragedy.

The comfort dogs and their handlers.

comfort dogs

Look at those cute little faces! And how adorable are those bandanas!

What do you think of Gracie Comfort Ministy’s gesture?