Emotional Groom Starts Crying When He Sees His Bride

Weddings are usually referred to as the bride’s big day. Unless you are an emotional groom. Then things change.

Meet Gabriel Deku, an emotional groom who simply couldn’t contain his tears as his bride walked down the aisle at St. Martin-in-the-Fields, in London.

Emotions started to overcome Gabriel as soon as his wife-to-be started her walk towards him. He could barely look at her for a couple of seconds before he turned around doing his best to contain the tears.

As the bride made her way down the aisle, the groom had to be kept in check by the best man.

“This is your moment, man”, the best man can can be heard telling Gabriel. “You can do it.”

Soon enough, the bridesmaids are crying too. The bride is also on the verge of getting very emotional.

Luckily, Gabriel is able to contain his tears and he turns to face his bride.

Watch the sweet video below!


If this video brought tears to your eyes, it’s OK. You’re not the only one.

What do you think of the groom’s emotional reaction?