This Is Britain’s Most Beautiful Face According To Science

Meet Florence Colgate, Britain’s most beautiful face according to science.

Florence, 18 years-old student, is blessed with a flawless face. It matches an international blueprint for the optimum ration between eyes, mouth, forehead and chin.

most beautiful face

Source: DailyMail

She’s gorgeous!

The blue-eyed blonde won a contest in Britain for the most naturally beautiful face in the country. The face had to fit the measurements of being symmetrical and Florence’s are exactly that.

Contestants were judged without wearing any makeup and plastic surgery was forbidden, obviously.

Florence was convinced by friends and family to enter the competition run by ITV’s Lorraine programme. She was crowned by her mother, who is also a beauty.

The Dover Grammar student, who works in a seaside chip shop, got a modeling gig after winning the competition. She will go to a London modeling agency and appear in an advertising campaign for Superdrugs stores. Her flawless face will appear on billboards and posters across the country.

Florence, whose beauty routine consists of wearing light foundation, mascara, concealer and Vaseline, said she would love a career in modelling, but she’s also focused on her studies.

She also stated that she is happy with her look and would never get Botox or plastic surgery.

Her hope is to inspire women to love the way they look and not feel the need to get plastic surgery.

Shania Twain, Jessica Alba, and Elizabeth Hurley are ranked among the ones with perfectly symmetrical faces, when it comes to celebrities.

What do you think of Britain’s most beautiful face?