Michelle Obama & Oprah Call The President ‘SWAGGALICIOUS’

As President Barack Obama is preparing to leave the White House, wife Michelle Obama opened up to Oprah about what she’s most looking forward to after his term ends. She got candid with Oprah about her time as FLOTUS, but also about all those times she found her husband to be “swaggalicious”.

That’s right! That conversation happened.

michelle obama, oprah

Source: @MichelleObama Instagram

When Oprah Winfrey asked her, ‘What are those days when you just say ‘Mmmmm mmmm’?’, FLOTUS had the perfect answer. She mentioned that there are a lot of those moments, including Prince and Stevie Wonder singing in the East Room. However, the most ‘Mmmmmm’ moment for the First Lady is ‘watching my husband walk of a Marine One and go to the Oval Office.’

‘Did he always have that swag or has he gotten swaggier?’, Oprah asked. To which, Obama replied confidently. ‘No, he was very swaggalicious throughout.’

Watch the First Lady swoon over her husband! She also reveals future plans for when Obama’s term ends.