Mom Stops Terrifying Kidnap Attempt in Dollar Store

Imagine going shopping with your teenage child and having a stranger come and try to take him or her away. What would you do? Would you be able to stop the kidnap attempt?

This is exactly the terrifying thing that happened to a Florida mom while she was shopping with her 13-years-old daughter at a General Dollar store.

The woman and her daughter were at the store in Hernando, when 30-years-old Craig Bonello tried to kidnap the teen.

The scary incident was caught on camera and it is clear to see what Bonello’s intentions were. In the video footage he can be seen grabbing and dragging the girl, trying to get her out of the store. Luckily, the mom was alert and started to fight him off, doing her best to keep her daughter safe.

When he realized the mom was not giving up, the suspect let go of the girl and tried to run. That’s when he came face to face with Deputy Jonathan Behnen. Alerted by the store manager of the kidnap attempt, the deputy jumped in and arrested Bonello.

Watch the chilling kidnap attempt bellow!


According to the Daily News, Bonello reportedly told the police that he “has done this before“. So far, the authorities haven’t found any evidence of other kidnap attempts.