Beauty Guru Makes Lipstick Out Of Bubble Gum & Vaseline

DIY lipstick out of bubble gum and Vaseline? Totally do-able, according to beauty guru Rachel Levin from Rclbeauty101.

Rachel, who is known for getting creative with things she already has at home and creating some pretty interesting stuff such as homemade bronzer slime, demonstrated that one can make lipstick at home, using nothing but bubblegum and Vaseline. Also, a microwave.

This home project is definitely a timely one and, although much cheaper than buying a new lipstick, it might not be something for everyone.

It does look like fun though!

Check out how you can make lipstick at home with just two ingredients!


Yeah, those colors do look pretty great, but the overall lipstick appearance and the way it applies, don’t make all the hassle worth it. Or is this process worth all the time and work?