This Is World’s Ugliest Color & It Has An Important Role

The battle against smoking continues. In an attempt to discourage people taking on this nasty habit, the world’s ugliest color was created!

Described as “death”, “tar” and “dirty”, Pantone 448 C, was specifically selected after three months of studies and testing by research agency GfK. Check it out below!

world's ugliest color, pantone 448 c


The color, which is a “drab, dark brown, is also called “opaque couché”.

According to Time, the Australian government hired the research agency to come up with a color so ugly and repugnant that if it was featured on tobacco products, it would have the power to stop people from smoking. That’s one though job!

The drab color was adopted for all tobacco products packaging along with the well-known health-warnings.

It’s not only Australia who is trying out this technique to discourage smoking. The United Kingdom, Ireland, and France are reportedly also using the world’s ugliest color on tobacco packaging with the same important goal: discouraging smoking.

Meet the world’s ugliest color!