Google Maps Street View Glitch in Brazil Is So Creepy

Prepare to get super creeped out by this Google maps street view glitch in Brazil.

The technology behind Google maps usually works fine and, except minor glitches, it’s all good. In fact, things are progressing daily. However, there are some occasions when glitches do happen. Most are minor, but those that aren’t can be extremely weird.

Take this Google maps street view in Brazil, state of Santa Catarina.

This is what a Reddit user came across.

google maps street view

A creepy black figure appears to be standing in the street.

The scary stuff does not stop there. The black figure will follow you as you move around.

google maps street view

If you go a few more clicks in either direction the silhouette will disappear. Everything will look normal.

google maps street view

This is by far the scariest technical glitch. Don’t you agree?

If you’re feeling brave, the glitch is still active. You can experience it here.